Solar Window Films

Let the sunshine in. Window tint will reject heat, reduce fading, and increase comfort.

Solar Control Products
We are proudly partnered with the International Window Film Association to provide accurate testing and results for our customers so you can be confident in your purchase.
Most of our products fall into three main categories.
Reflective films are typically used in a commercial setting where heat rejection performance is paramount or added privacy is required. These films will have a reflective silver or gold look when viewed with high indoor light conditions, or outdoor daylight. Increase privacy with privacy film today.

Dual Reflective
Best used in residential homes this film pairs a reflective exterior, with a more subdued interior. This allows for fantastic heat rejection, added privacy with the added bonus of all hours viewing. Great for homes with a view.

These films are suitable for people looking to reduce the solar energy entering the home without changing the appearance. Low reflection neutral films block the heat, without blocking the light.

The Process
After carefully selecting a film that suits your needs, we schedule a time for your installation.
We understand people can be busy, and we are flexible with our appointments. We can accommodate a variety of schedules. Imagine coming home after a long day of work, to find your home already tinted. Nothing is out of reach with Lux. We are even open Sundays by appointment.
The film is over sized, and pre cut so we arrive with minimal setup time, and can get right to work. We oversize and trim our films to make sure each window has a great fit.
Blinds and curtains are removed to ensure as dust free of an installation as possible. Drop towels are used to protect paperwork furniture and flooring. The windows are cleaned well and any stuck on contaminants removed from the glass and dust wiped down from the immediate area. With the window cleaned, we can start the installation.

We start by wetting the window with the solution that is best suited to the film. All films do not use the same solution. The liner is removed from the film and the film is applied. Excess water is removed with a squeegee, starting from the top and working your way down. Once the water has been removed, the film is trimmed and wet again for a final once over to make sure as much water as possible was removed from the film to speed up cure times. Once complete, the window sills are wiped down and dried to keep the area clean.

The benefits
Well, if you have already taken the first step in researching a window film for your home or business chances are you are aware of a few of the benefits.
Heat Rejection
Do you spend your nights trying to find the cold spot on the bed?
Are there nights you toss and turn waiting endlessly to fall asleep because your bedroom is just too hot?
Are you tired of sleepless sweaty nights?
Does it take forever for your home to cool down in the evening?
We can prevent it from heating up in the first place. South, west, and east facing windows are all susceptible to solar heat gain. Our films can block more than 70% of the solar energy coming into the home through the windows. This means your south facing home won’t be 32 degrees in the summer. Best of all, its environmentally friendly. In Alberta, a lot of our energy comes from coal fired power. Using your AC on maximum all day is not only bad for the environment; it’s bad for your electrical bill. Solar heat is rejected all day, without environmental impact.

Glare reduction
Do you have a hard time catching the local news because the glare makes it difficult to see the TV?
Are you constantly adjusting shades or rotating the TV to control the glare?
Our films can reduce glare over 94%. So not only is it easier to relax and watch your favourite show in the evening you will be cooler doing it. Win win, right?
Every film we carry has its own set of benefits. Some have the added benefit of adding a degree of reflection which can add privacy to a home or business. The reflection in the film can also lead to superior performance over a non-reflective film.

UV Protection
Are you finding your interior paint or hardwood fading faster than you would like? Have you ever moved a family portrait only to find a patch of brand new paint surrounded by UV damaged faded paint?
All of our solar films reject 99% of the suns UV rays. This will help reduce cracking dry leather in your leather furniture, textile drapes and area rugs, vinyl window sills, photos, paintings, walls and even your hard wood. Repairing flooring and faded paint can cost thousands. Adding UV protection to your home can keep it looking newer and more vibrant, longer.
UV protection is also very important in retail environments where products, textiles, and even packaging can look faded and dull over time. Don’t let the sun cost you money, take control.

Now, you may have some questions.
Why are my windows streaky?
After the installation, your film may appear to have some streaks, or some distortion when looking outside. This is completely normal, and is often caused by the remaining water under the film being evaporated. The film can take up to 30 days to completely dry and cure. During this time, it is best to not touch the film as much as possible.
How do I clean my tint?
You can use any non-ammonia based cleaner to clean your windows after the tint has been cured. Since the film is porous to allow for the film to dry completely, ammonia can actually be absorbed by the glue, and cause the film to have a white opaque look. We suggest using a solution of mild detergent and water in a spray bottle to clean your windows.
What does the warranty cover?
We offer a manufacturer based warranty on all of our products. If after time your product happens to peel, fade, crack, or bubble we will replace the film free of charge.
Is the film typically applied on the inside?
Yes it is! Interior installations help your product last longer. We can have extreme weather in Edmonton. Blowing debris, hail, and hard rain can all damage your product. Our films have a hard coating to make it scratch resistant as well, meaning you can clean your windows without concern of scratching the film.