Safety and Security Window Films

Life can be unpredictable; these films are reliable home defense.

Safety and Security
Quite often we receive questions about the installation and benefits of security film. Security film is best used as a theft deterrent, as well as an injury deterrent.

Theft and Burglary

Security film comes in different thicknesses for different applications. For the home, it can provide a quick deterrent for a break and enter by not easily allowing a burglar to break a window and easily stick reach through and unlock a door or window to gain access. What the film does is bonds to the window and window frame so that when the glass is broken, it stays in place instead of falling in shards to the ground. The glass will be held in place by the film, and in order to get through, further force is required.
Statistics show throughout Canada there is a break in every 90 seconds. An alarm on its own is not enough to deter a break and enter. Studies show that the best deterrent is to eliminate access all together.

The Process

After carefully selecting a film that suits your needs, we schedule a time for your installation.
We understand people can be busy, and we are flexible with our appointments. We can accommodate a variety of schedules. Imagine coming home after a long day of work, to find your installation complete. No time off or sick days needed. Nothing is out of reach with Lux. We are even open Sundays by appointment.
The film is over sized, and pre cut so we arrive with minimal setup time, and can get right to work. We oversize and trim our films to make sure each window has a great fit.
Blinds and curtains are removed to ensure as dust free of an installation as possible. Drop towels are used to protect belongings, furniture and flooring. The windows are cleaned well and any stuck on contaminants removed from the glass. Dust is wiped down from the immediate area. Now with the window cleaned, we can start the installation.

We start by wetting the window with the solution that is best suited to the film. All films do not use the same solution. The liner is removed from the film and the film is applied. Excess water is removed with a squeegee, starting from the top and working down to the bottom. Once the water has been removed, the film is trimmed and wet again for a final once over to make sure as much water as possible was removed from the film to speed up cure times. Once complete, the window sills are wiped down and dried to keep the area clean. Once the film has cured, edge sealant is applied to secure the film to the window edge. This is what keeps the film and glass in one sheet during an attack or break in.

Are these films easy to clean?
Yes. Our products can be cleaned with any non-ammonia based cleaner.
Is it removable?
It is, but not without some struggle. To properly secure the film, edge sealant must be used. To remove the security film, the edge sealant is cut, the film is scraped off with a blade, and the edge sealant cleaned up as much as possible.
Will this keep my family safe?
It certainly can. Security films main purpose is to eliminate a possible entry point. Most thiefs are looking for a crime of easy opportunity. By making the crime that much more time consuming and noisy, you can eliminate a break and enter.
Located below is a video of two suspects attempting a break and enter. By having security film on the windows, the suspects are quickly deterred from continuing with their target.