Decorative Window Films

Transform glass into one of your home’s most defining features.

Small changes, large impact. With our line of decorative window films you can turn a clear piece of glass into a beautiful focal point with impact. Our decorative films can transform your home or office into a place where you can create more privacy, or even to elevate your interior design. Our decorative products make design changes as simple as choosing a new product. This can keep your space looking fresh year after year. Your film can hide an unsightly view, diffuse the sun, or add an element of privacy to the space.


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Solar Control Films

Let the sunshine in. These films reduce heat, help reduce fading, increase comfort.

Looking for relief from the heat or reduce fading in textiles, leather, paint and wood? We can prevent your home from heating up in the first place. South, west, and east facing windows are all susceptible to solar heat gain. Our films can block more than 70% of the solar energy coming into the home through the windows. This means your south facing home won’t be 32 degrees in the summer.


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Safety and Security Window Films

Life can be unpredictable; these films are reliable home defense.

For the home, security film can provide a quick deterrent for a break and enter by not easily allowing a burglar to break a window and easily stick reach through and unlock a door or window to gain access. What the film does is bonds to the window and window frame so that when the glass is broken, it stays in place instead of falling in shards to the ground. The glass will be held in place by the film, and in order to get through, further force is required.
Statistics show throughout Canada there is a break in every 90 seconds. An alarm on its own is not enough to deter a break and enter. Studies show that the best deterrent is to eliminate access all together.


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